Picture Frame Graphic

My practice was born out of necessity rather than pure enjoyment, drawing and painting has always been in my life, my chosen form of communication, first with myself and later with the outside world.  The process of creating a painting has supported me on my journey of personal growth like nothing else could, if anything it has provided me with the perfect mirror imagine. 


The ideas and subjects of my work often stem from the dream world and other realms that I have been blessed enough to touch with the use of sacred plant medicines, through work with various indigenous cultures, through images passed on by ancient ancestors and teachers and through the simply inspiring beauty of the Mother Earth we call home. 


It has become far too easy in this day and age to be dragged down the rabbit hole, to be brainwashed by the media and false information and to only see the negatives in this world. Through my work I wish to ignite joy and love, to share with you the beauty of humanity, nature and spirit and to help you remember where you came from and where you’ll return to after it’s all done and dusted. I hope when you see my work, you feel what I feel whilst translating these visions and messages, you know that they are created from a heart and soul exactly like your own, eager for community and connection, some of the most basic human needs that are required to make the most of this magical experience of life on Earth.


I am also the can artist for TwobyTwo Brewing, a delicious craft beer company from Newcastle, UK.  Check them out on Facebook or Instagram @Twobytwobrewing.